My name's Melissa.
I create with a keyboard.


netflix blocker chrome extension

Netflix Blocker extension

Objective: increase productivity by providing an option to close Netflix or continue to watch.

Source code on GitHub
random quote generator on codepen

Random quote generator

Objective: use an open source quote API to post a random quote on click.

Source code on CodePen
three animated hamburger icons

CSS3 icon transforms

Objective: become familiar with CSS3 animation tools and develop practical menu transforms.

Source code on CodePen
drawer library repository on github

JavaScript drawer library

Objective: contribute to open source and practice basic, vanilla JavaScript.

Source code on github

About Me

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My name’s Melissa. I’m currently working as a Frontend Design Apprentice with Sparkbox in Dayton, OH. When I’m not programming, I love spending time with my dog, rock climbing, hiking, and traveling.